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NOTICE: Knysna R I B Adventures will be temporarily closed for the next 14 days (19 February 2018 - 21 March 2018) while we do annual servicing and maintenance on the boat, thereby ensuring all our future clients have the same safe, fast and fun adventure !!! #knys1 #adventure #fun

Hold on tight for a safe ride on the unique Knysna RIB* adventure power boat.

Remember to keep breathing and your eyes open to experience the full wonder of this beautiful unspoilt environment.

Apart from the pristine estuary, an adventure through the infamous Knysna Heads will be the ultimate boating experience. Once out to sea the world is our oyster, where one can experience a vast array of bird and marine life as well as breath-taking scenery, for example: Buffalo Bay, Noetzie Castles and the beautiful surroundings.

When the conditions of the Knysna Heads are unsafe the adventure will continue down the Knysna estuary which has its own variety of scenery and birdlife. Be sure that this is no ordinary lagoon cruise!!!

Safety is our priority but out main focus is fun fun fun...

During their annual fund raiser The Spel-a-Thon at Knysna Primary, Knysna RIB sponsored one of the top 3 prizes. The little girl who won this prize (A 60 minute Adventure Trip for a family of 4) is Ziva Botha. Knysna Primary just wants to thank Knysna RIB for their wonderful generosity and always supporting Local

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